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Dec 18, 2022

the greatest kiddush hashem happening tonight!

and once we are talking about sports and Chanukah, I will point to this week's Chabad Shabbos paper called Living Jewish that has the story of a Chanukah menora lighting set to take place at tonight's football game, American Football this time, between the Tennessee Titans and the Los Angeles Chargers

It may very well be one of the largest venues for pirsumei nissa, but I think people use the term "kiddush hashem" a bit too flippantly. I am not sure it is the greatest kiddush hashem as he says it is, and I just have no idea what hakhel has to do with anything that supposedly makes it an even greater kiddush hashem

Due to the timing of the game I definitely wont be watching it live, but I will look for video of the event tomorrow, after the fact.

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