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Dec 27, 2022

Quote of the Day

You can't establish a government that does not have Zionist parties in it or one that is dependent on non-Zionist parties... yes, the Haredim are not Zionists. Did you ask Litzman if he is a Zionist? I am telling you that it is belief in a national homeland, a Jewish home, settlement of the land, absorption and defense of the homeland... I do not think you do not love the land of Israel but to be a Zionist is to defend the homeland, to serve the State of Israel. There is no other Zionism. 

  -- Minister of Communications (outgoing) Yoaz Hendel, in an interview to Kikar Shabbos

I would note, Hendel was part of a government that established itself as dependent on a non-Zionist party (RAAM). I like Hendel but he is either being disingenuous and maybe hypocritical about this, or he has changed his opinion based on the experiences of the last government.

Hendel sounds like he discovered America, saying the Haredim are not Zonists. They never claimed to be, and they have only always said otherwise. Even though they have joined Zionist institutions where they even had to declare themselves Zionists (like WZO), and serve as full members of government, some of them even takign ministerial positions.

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1 comment:

  1. He changed his opinion based on the results of the last elections....


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