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Dec 27, 2022

Tweet of the Day

this could also have gone in as troll of the day

PM Elect Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted:
Lapid, losing an election is not the end of democracy, it is the essence of democracy.
I call upon you to act responsibly.. accept the decision of the people, have an orderly transfer of authority, so that we can repair all that you damaged in the past year and a half...

Besides for the last line which is a cite troll, Netanyahu is telling Lapid to do exactly what he didn't do. I don't know why he thinks or claims Lapid isnt going to transfer power in an orderly fashion. I havent seen Lapid threaten to do so, but if he has said he wont, he should. Whatever Lapid is planning to do, a year and a half ago Netanyahu refused to accept the results of the elections and refused to accept his loss. He refused to meet with Bennett to transfer authority.

This reminds of another time he did the same - make demands of one PM when he himself refused to act in that manner. When Olmert was set to be indicted, Netanyahu demanded he resign so a sitting Prime Minister should not be indicted. Olmert did end up resigning his position and was later indicted. Netanyahu refused to resign before he was indicted and when faced with his words from the Olmert days he said I am different because I know I am innocent, so what I said does not apply to me.

basically, Netanyahu is perfectly fine making demands of others that he himself never intends to abide by.

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