Feb 10, 2008

going to Cairo for Pesach?


Advertising for the various Pesach Packages is in full force. You know - Pesach on a cruise ship or Pesach in the Cairo Hilton, or Pesach in Davos, Pesach in Miami. You can find advertised a Pesach seder to go to pretty much anywhere in the world, including Egypt (!).

If you are thinking about going away for Pesach, you might want to consider Israel as your destination. There are many great hotels here and even the ones that are normally not mehadrin, a lot of them convert for Pesach to mehadrin. They put together great packages - you can eat something like 6 or 7 meals a day with an additional snack room open 24/7. Often they include guest Rabbis to lead the seder and give interesting classes over the course of the holiday. Trips. Concerts. etc.

TravelDeal Israel is putting together, as always, some very interesting packages. You can go to their website and ask for an information packet to see what your choices are.

I have used Travel Deal Israel's services in the past (not for Pesach) and they always have great prices and very helpful service.

So if you want to go this year to Jerusalem for Pesach (or anywhere else in Israel) , contact Travel Deal Israel and see what they can offer you...

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  1. B"H I always thought it a bit weird people going to say for Pesach, yo know, opposite direction and all. But at least after the first Pesah we were in Sinai. Cairo, though, is like a complete reversal. Very bizarre.

  2. wow - how ironic to say, avadim ha'yeenub'mitzrayim, ......while sitting in miztrayim. and the issurim of returning to mitzrayim? even the heter for business doesn't apply. maybe the heter is, it's not the same route, but still? wow

  3. the rambam wrote a whole big thing about how he could live in Egypt. he gave a number of hetterim, which aside from the different route one I do not remember, but lamented the fact that he had to live there against the wishes of the Torah.

  4. i know, i was alluding to the issues the rambam discussed. my point was that even he lamented and he had heterim. but regardless of issurim, doesn't one feel strange reading the hagadah in mitzrayim?


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