Feb 19, 2008

temperatures below freezing

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The meteorologists have been predicting The Storm of the Century for Israel for today and tomorrow. They have said it would snow like never before, possibly hitting even the Tel Aviv area. While the storm was delayed, it has finally started. How much snow will actually fall remains to be seen. They have lowered their expectations and it looks like it will be a decent storm, but not as severe as originally thought.

The cold has finally hit and it is at about freezing temperatures right now and will continue dropping... As I came back from my shiur tonight and noticed the extreme drop in temperature from 2 hours prior when I had left home, I thought of Warm the Needy.

While we go from heated home, to heated car to heated office, etc. and hardly feel the few days the weather gets really bad, there are plenty of people out there who sit in their apartments and shiver because they cannot afford heaters, or the electricity to run them.

Warm the Needy is doing great work keeping the needy of Jerusalem warm, and it is days like these where the temperatures get really extreme that his people need the most help... Consider helping keep the needy warm.

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  1. How much do you get paid for this ad?

  2. Why? What's bothering you?

    Will you be donating matching funds to Warm the Needy in response, or are you just against publicizing someone helping poor families who are cold?


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