Feb 26, 2008

Headline of the Day (hotd)

11:51 Report: Jews are richest religious group in U.S., poll finds (Haaretz)

I guess that is what we get for trusting in God.

(this could potentially open up a great debate on faith/trust and reward/punishment)


  1. Uh, don't you mean this is what we get for disbelieving in God? The vast majority of American Jews are Reform and there's a 60% intermarriage rate, and the richest ones in entertainment, business, everywhere are secular.

  2. hmmm... are the secular included in "religious group".. question is what the wording of the poll indicates.
    But I hear your point.

    I could say that despite secularism or reform or conservative, they are all included in judaism, which is all covered by our faith, even if many (majority) do not keep the Torah and Mitzvos.

  3. All that income isn't going to help us if 72% of us don't have children as was also reported in the poll. Yikes!


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