Feb 12, 2008

What kind of shul is that?

I was in someone's office while she was on the phone.

She is arranging some sort of performance for her child's class and they are looking for an appropriate venue. They are looking at some different options and someone suggested they use the local shul.

She said (on the phone) that if it is in shul the girls will have to be upstairs or behind a mechitza and it won't work. This person is not religious. The person on the other side must have been saying that maybe the shul would allow it for the performance.

Her response was "a shul would not allow it. And if the shul allowed it, what kind of shul is that?"

(The other option was to use the Reform Temple in Tel Aviv which they did not want to do)

This is from a secular woman living in Tel Aviv - "What kind of shul is that?"


  1. In Israel the shul that folks don't go to is Orthodox.

  2. When I was living in Israel I found that the non-dati Israelis were usually very respectful of Orthodox practices, even if they didn't observe themselves.


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