Feb 12, 2008

MK Ravitz confirms it is the askanim not the gedolim who decide what to do

MKs from UTJ Avraham Ravitz (Degel) and Yaakov Litzman (Aguda) do not get along that well. It is well known.

Ynet reports that Ravitz claims that Litzman is the reason they are not in the government, and the reason is because he was insulted when the position of Director of Treasury Committee was taken from him so now he will not talk to Olmert about it.

Ravitz claims if it was up to him he would dismantle UTJ and make a separate party for Degel. If it was up to him he would join the government depending on passing certain laws for the benefot of the Haredi educational system. "Litzman forces his opinion on the other party members and there is nothing they can do. He uses his Admor and does everything he says.."

UPDATED - Ravitz said, "Because the Rabbonim do not want to see argument (machloket), so they do what [Litzman] says.."

If you ever needed confirmation that the askanim run the show and tell the gedolim what to do or say, it just came from the askan's mouth...


  1. you must be new here. do you really think that there was a reporter in the rebbes court when he announced that the gedolim listen to the MK? I assure you not. So it means that either the chiloni paper made it up - which they usually do when it comes to chareidi issues - or someone else made it up.

    Heres the truth - chilonim have no clue whats going on with the chareidim and for good reason - they dont care about each other. you can not get chareidi news from chiloni press, and you cant chiloni news from chareidi press.

    to try is to deny reality and to think that there is actually real media here in this country, whereas the truth is that there are only opinion pieces and fantasy. to prove it, take a look at the press coverage on the hitnatkut from across the spectrum and you will see that no one reports the facts, only opinions. if you want to dan lekaf zechus - only the facts that help their cause. think of everything that happens here from winograd to the hitnatkut to the war to the "turf wars" etc etc etc

  2. Somebody pointed out to me that I had misunderstood that part of the article. I re-read the article and he was right. It was Ravitz who said that the Gerrer Rebbe does what Litzman wants, not as I previously wrote the Gerrer rebbe saying it about Ravitz.

    I fixed it in the post.

  3. Rafi,
    How would ravitz defend being part of a coalition as olmert ? Ravitz's bio says he fought in lechi..


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