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Feb 17, 2008

selling the name of your baby

Somebody emailed to me the following image... it shows how desperate and urgent the financial situation among many has become. The image is a scan from the Yated Ne'eman newspaper, from the "Classified" section...

For those of you who do not understand, someone is advertising that they are a young couple of Bnei Torah who just had a baby born and are looking to sell the honor of Sandek (godfather of sorts) and the rights to naming the baby... call... (number is smudged out, so if you are interested I apologize, but that is how I received it..)... So either they have so many kids that they can't think of any more names to use, or they are so desperate and in such a poor financial situation that they have decided to sell the name of their baby..

I remember when it was in the news that people sold their names to corporations. It was mostly during the big Internet bubble, before the big crash. Even though it showed how people are crazy, at least that was done willingly, not out of desperation.


  1. Never heard of that before, but I guess if it works it works.

  2. B"H I don't know. I'd consider it, if we liked the name and had named kids after everyone else we wanted to name after.

    My friend did that with his ninth kid. They were approached, not vice verse. The name? Rachel. Pretty standard. We all know plenty of people who would be happy to name a daughter Rachel. Why not get paid for it?


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