Feb 21, 2008

breaking into Shchem in the middle of the night (video)

the following is a video posted on the Yesha Shelanu website that has been making the rounds. It is a video of some Breslavers sneaking into Shchem in the middle of the night to pray by Kever Yosef.

צילום אתר יש"ע שלנו

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  1. Great! I want to go!

    To those that say "well its dangerous yada yada yada wait till the army opens" thats a load of crock.. its been 8 years and since than.. maybe 5,000 a year go legally.. most of whom are breslav and settlers..

    As having gone once and tried other times.. your digging for gold in your nose i.e. it aint happening!
    Look at the jews at the yam suf..

    The army has a lame statement.. if we put soldiers lives at risk.. why isnt the site open?

    You mean to say THIS is why this country was founded ? jews had more access to kever yosef before '48.. heck they had the same access to kever rachel then.. and yes we BARELY have more access to mearat hamachpela..

    Yosef was buried in the ocean for a reason.. so that they could bring his bones here to bury him.. for all that you guys care we could have left him there.


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