Feb 17, 2008

remembering Michael Jordan's greatest All Star game (video)

Today is the NBA All Star game. I no longer follow the sport much (I keep an eye on the progress of the Bulls), but the timing brings back memories of an earlier day.

It is the 20th anniversary of what might have been the greatest NBA All Star game ever. It was the breakout game of a young Michael Jordan. He had an opportunity to break the record of most points scored in an All Star game, 42 as held by Wilt Chamberlain, but chose not to pulling back at 40. He dominated the game, and if you look at the starting lineup of who played in that most of them qualify for the "best ever" team (players like Bird, Magic, Hakeem, The Mailman, etc..). And a young Michael Jordan dominated.

Here are the highlights...


  1. btw, today's MJ's birthday -- mazal tov!

  2. really? mazel tov. what a coincidence!

  3. Sorry to disagree but another #23 two years ago had an even greater coming out. Not to start any more city rivalries but GO CAVS!!!

  4. sorry, lebron. Your namesake is a great player, and I think he is probably the best out there today, but he is not a Michael Jordan.

    No point in arguing because this is one of those things that can be debated and will be judged by history. Lebron is still young and at the beginning of his career. Let's see what he does...

  5. MVP!!! Need I say more. BTW did you see that dunk? That deserves a post to itself!!

  6. sorry, James. I watched the highlights of the All Star game. not to take anything away from Lebron who is a great player, but this game was nothing like Jordan's. This was the old style All Star game where it is a big show. Little defense. Lots of showboat dunking. Jordan's game was intense and he stood out with his dominance.


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