Feb 1, 2008

1 to 12000

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has a question. He asks, in an interview with an Italian newspaper, why the Israelis are so concerned with the condition of captive soldier Gilad Shalit, when over 12,000 Palestinians are sitting as prisoners in Israeli jails?

He seems to have no answer to this question.

Allow me to suggest a possible answer..

It could be we are so concerned about him because while we we allow full access to Palestinians jailed in Israel - Red Cross visits, family visits, press, etc., Hamas has allowed no access to Gilad Shalit. We basically have to take Hamas' word for it that he is alive and well. So we have reason to be concerned and not compare the situations..

A further point I will make, is look at the difference - Meshaal is amazed that we are so concerned with one captured soldier, while he has 12000 Palestinians in jail and he says he does not care about them nearly as much..!


  1. Of course Meshaal does not care about his 12,000 Palestinian "brothers". Psychopathic homicidal maniacs do not care about the welfare of other people.

  2. good points. unfortunately the rest of the world just sees 1 vs. 12,000


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