Feb 27, 2008

Going to Sderot!

Today I will be going with a group of people from work to Sderot. We will be showing our solidarity with them, and, even more importantly, doing some of our Shabbos shopping in their stores, as a way of supporting businesses that have been hit hard by the situation.

If I can, I will try to bring a laptop so I can "live blog from Sderot" if I will be able to locate a wireless Internet connection...


  1. That's awesome! Wow - corporate philantrhopy in Sderot? Only in Israel!

  2. I hope you are safe! I just got an email saying Sderot is being bombed again today!

  3. am ok. working on the post!
    Sderot is bombed every day!

  4. I just read your recap of your day in Sderot. I just have to say - while I'm relieved you weren't harmed by the Kassams - I am amazed you weren't harmed by your wife upon arriving home!


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