Feb 11, 2008

artistic presentation of the Disengagement (video)

The Gush Katif Ulpana (girl's high school) has stirred up a lot of emotion on the NRG website (Hebrew) where it appeared. (There's a 20 second commericial at the beginning). They have performed this play a number of times and the leftists are pretty upset about it.

(HatTip to our resident Arab in the Shomron, Jameel, who I stole this from..)

Tznius Alert: there is no problem, that I can see, despite this being a girl's performance.there is some background music, but no singing, and no immodest dress.

I will add, and I wrote this in the talkback on the NRG website, that I find this to be a fairly accurate presentation of what happened minus the violence that took place. The only thing I see in this short clip that is not an accurate display of the Disengagement is when the "settler" girl falls down (pushed?), and the soldiers step forward, the soldier was careful to step over her. In real life during the disengagement, 9.9 times out of 10, the soldier would have stepped right on her back and crushed a couple of bones.

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