Feb 26, 2008

baby born on bus..

We have all heard the story of the baby who was born on an airplane and was awarded free flights for life.
I have no idea if it ever actually happened and if it did if the kid really got free flights for life.

I, and I knows others have, have plotted in my mind numerous times how to get my wife on board a flight in the last stages of pregnancy, the point they generally do not let women fly, to try to qualify for the free flights forever prize.

The newspaper yesterday reported a story that happened on the Metropolin bus line traveling from tel Arad to Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva. Shortly before the bus was due to arrive at the final bus stop, the bus driver Gil Arieli heard moaning from the back of the bus. After taking a look, he realized a woman was in the late stages of labor.

Arieli pulled the bus over and told everyone to get off. He moved the woman and her husband to the back of the bus and prepared to deliver the baby.

The husband refused to allow him to do anything and then Arieli pulled out ahis EMT volunteer card from MDA. He has been a volunteer for over 30 years. The husband calmed down and let him get to work.

Arieli delivered the baby girl on the bus with nothing more than rubber gloves as equipment, according to the article.

A team from MDA arrived on the scene to remove her and her baby to the hospital. Arieli said this was his 9th delivery as a volunteer for MDA.

The Executive Director of the Metropolin Bus Company sent a letter to the mother wishing her well. In the letter he informed her that the child will have free transportation on their bus lines for the rest of her life.

Now the bus company just needs to stay in business long enough for the kid to enjoy that... (a lot of these small bus companies open and close all the time)


  1. Here in rbs, MDA should offer free ambulance services to anyone who gives birth in an ambulance. And maybe the cabs should offer the same benefit

  2. it happens so often, they would all go out of business!

  3. I wonder if you can get free rides for life if you make a baby in a bus or airplane.

  4. i think they arrest you for that

  5. It might be fun to try... but probably hard to prove that that is where conception took place...

    LOZ - you pay for ambulance, but generally the Kupa reimburses you (it might depend what the ambulance was called for)

  6. Anon-

    You won't get any free rides, but you may get free accomodation in a government facility for a few days.

  7. LOL! You and others have plotted ways to get your pregnant wives to deliver on an airplane? Oy vey! Now that's cheap! Remember, although the baby will fly free, the rest of the family still has to pay.

    Personally, I think it should be the mom that gets the free lifetime transportation - she did all the hard work! Maybe the dad can get a free bus token.

  8. in the beginning it is expensive because the parents or whole family need to travel.. but later, when the child is older, he can travel alone...


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