Feb 4, 2008

Take a tour of Har Ha'Bayit in your own living room (videos)

Have you wanted to take a tour of Har Ha'Bayit, but are too afraid to go up because of the Rabbonim who are against it? Ever wonder what is behind the Kotel?Now you can take a tour. led by the expert Rabbi Chaim Richman, of Judaism's holiest site.

He just released a video he made touring the site explaining what is what. It is available for download in three parts at the Universal Torah Network, and is also now available on Google Video. Watch each of the three parts below for an amazing tour, without ever leaving your living room!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


  1. i thought you weren't able to take pics when you go - how did he make a video?

  2. you are allowed to take pics. the only think you are not allowed to do is daven.


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