Feb 3, 2008

crazies in the night

I am against this.

They think that if they go in quietly, in the middle of the night, without permission but without making a big fuss, they will be safe.

They are putting their own lives in danger, and worse, they are putting the lives of the soldiers in danger. The soldiers often have to go in and extract them from dangerous places and situations. They get lost on the way in, or on the way out. The locals hear them, see them, find out about them.

Shchem is a dangerous place. To go in there on your own without IDF security is very dangerous and foolhardy.

I will add, I think the government should change its policy. They should give us free access, all the time, whenever we want, to go to Shchem and Joseph's Tomb safely, as is stipulated in the Oslo Accords that were agreed upon by none other than Yasser Arafat himself. We should not be only allowed to go to Joseph's Tomb in the middle of the night 3 times a year and only with IDF accompaniment. It should be open to us all the time.

but until that happens, until our government stands up for what is ours, and for what is dear to us, until the government insists the PA keep its side of agreements they signed, these people who sneak in in the middle of the night on their own are crazy and they are risking too much of other people's lives.


  1. forget that:


    He is trying to buy us off! what a fool.. he is however smart enough to know how much kever yosef means to us.

    I disagree with you though, breslav chasidim have every right to go to kever yosef.

    See r"n on nedarim 28b that dina demalchuta dina never applies in eretz yisrael unless malchus beis david. As no one has reshut that tell a jew in eretz yisrael what to do.

    See tosefot sanhedrin 20b, rashba yevamot 46a, ritva bava metzia 73.

    Rambam hilchot gezeila 5:18 says similliar..

    Why are they crazy's ? I forget which rav it was (he was also rav harashi 60+ years ago) that would walk to kever rachel every thursday ? night..

    Davka because they / we put their / our lives in sakana is the issue alive..

    There are those that will argue that jews ascending on har habayit is sakanat nefashot as it may provoke the goyim.

    Why is the army scared ? because we have purity of arms that tie their arms!

  2. RAFI:

    well said.

    i'd like to see the religious parties make it a condition of joining a future government that these sites are opened to the public


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