Feb 26, 2008

How can you not? (video)

Wanna cry? Watch this news report about the child injured in Sderot yesterday from a Kassam Rocket. Good news is that the doctors successfully saved the child's arm...


  1. Heartbreaking.

    All those in the press who write about those "harmless" kassam rockets should have to watch.

  2. You made me cry again.
    I think we should make those clowns in the Prime Minister's office watch this over and over until they begin to understand that these people are being attacked because their own government is so frightened of "world opinion" that they are not doing enough to protect them.

  3. Rafi-
    This video stirred up some old feelings and inspired me to post, so I linked to it over at Superaizy.
    Thank you!

  4. I'm just wondering who are those people on camera before the MDA guys come, and why are they not trying to help, or at least comfort the girl? What about the guy with the camera? From the height the video was taken, it doesn't seem to be a small kid.

    These questions seem eerily similar to those raised in connection with "Pallywood", not that I'm suggesting anything. However, the behavior of the people around the boy seems very odd.


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