Jun 26, 2008

Commercializing the Disengagement

The following billboard recently went up over a major intersection near where I work.
(it is a little blurry because I took the picture from a distance with my cellphone camera)

The phrase is a play on words from a slogan used in the time leading up to and during the Disengagement.

The "Orange" protesters, or "Ktumim", plastered the country with signs saying "Jews do not expel Jews".

The sign says, in orange letters, "Jews DO expel Jews".

It is an advertisement for a website/company that deals with home rentals.

I am surprised it took this long to commercialize the disengagement like this. Heck, it has already been nearly three years!


  1. picture works for me. I checked it on three different computers after you commented.

  2. took a minute to load....

  3. hmmm. don't know why.. it is a small picture. only 60kb

  4. i was hoping it would be referring to booting out Olmert and his cronies

  5. what is meant by the advert???

  6. I guess tat people get thrown out of apartments and need to look for new apartments

  7. B"H

    Of course, they used the politically correct "mefaneh" {vacate, clear out} instead of what we all saw on the posters and bumper stickers "megaresh" {expel}.

    "Mefaneh" probably makes more sense advertising their service, though, too.


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