Jun 26, 2008

Great new law from the Knesset!

Yesterday, the Knesset approved a bill in its first reading to allow people to bring their bicycles on the trains and on Egged. The goal is to be more environment friendly, encouraging people to bike t the train and from the train to work, rather than using cars.

Rakevet Yisrael, the Israel Train Authority, has been very against allowing people to bring bikes on the trains. They have not allowed it, which seemingly discourages people from biking to the train.

You can leave your bike at the station and lock it up there, but you still never know if it will be there when you get back or not.

This law, if it passes its final readings, will be very helpful to many people. There are already a number of people in Bet Shemesh (and I am sure in other cities as well) who ride their bikes to the train and take the risk of leaving the bike at the station. I am sure that if they are allowed to bring the bike with them on the train, even more people will ride their bikes.

I can't wait, though, to see the balagan caused by a bunch of bikes on the train on a busy day with people fighting to get on and have a place to stand.

Anyways, this law does not really affect me personally. Ever since someone local died of a heart attack while bike riding, I have decided biking is not healthy and good for you, and I have added it to my list of things to avoid (most of the items on the list include physical activity)... :-)


  1. Instead of resulting in people bringing their bikes on the train, I hope that this will result in the train providing reasonable places at the stations for people to leave their bikes.

  2. hey - it shows - ppphhhbbbttt!!!

  3. "I have decided biking is not healthy and good for you"

    Dude, that statement is so flawed I don't even know where to begin.


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