Jun 5, 2008

way too much free time in yeshivas

so think the Rosh Yeshivas at least....

Mishpacha newspaper reported this past week that some of the major Rosh Yeshivas, including RYs from the Mir, Ponevez, Kaminetz, and some of the other major yeshivas in Israel have called upon the Yeshivas and Rosh Yeshivas to not allow nearly 30% of the week to go to waste.

They announced that, "Friday and Shabbos are days in which the halls of Torah are noticeably weakened. Even though this issue has been raised many times, Torah always needs strengthening, regarding making use of this time that spans nealry a third of the week. Therefore, every ben torah should know that his diligence in Torah during these days (i.e. Fridays and Saturdays) is necessary for the continuity of one's learning. It is brought down in the seforim that mitzvos done on Shabbos - their reward is many times greater and it sustains the world at a time when there is an overall weakening of Torah study. And more so in the summer when the days are long, every person should be diligent to strengthen himself. In this merit, they will merit the reward of "taking the reward for others"".

When I was in yeshiva, during the summer zmanim when the days were longer, we had a learning seder for much of Friday - the whole morning and part of the early afternoon - and then again on Shabbos afternoon.

Do Yeshivas no longer have sedorim on Friday and Shabbos?


  1. Some yeshivas have "No Torah Tuesday's" as they call it

  2. hahaha... that though is the seminaries I think. They do chessed instead of have class. do some yeshivas do that as well?

  3. I think some American yeshivas where the program is not for guys who can learn all day have a day where its tiyulim or chesed etc

  4. No Torah Tuesday at least in my yeshiva refered to finishing early on Tuesday with a Sicha from the Rosh Yeshiva instead of night seder.

  5. the reason the 3 yeshivah boys went to Japan is because they had too much time

  6. My brother's yeshivah does (as far as I remember).


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