Jun 16, 2008

how much bigger can the flag get?

Soon they will cover the whole country with one big flag...

In 2007 we had the largest flag in Masada. Then a couple of months ago we had the largest flag near Latrun. Now, we have the largest flag up in the Golan near the Syrian border.

I wonder where all these flags are stored once they are folded up and put into storage...

Yesterday, residents of the Golan, and specifically of Moshav Hispin, unfurled what is now the largest flag in the world. They stuck the new Israeli flag right under the nose of the Syrians in a classic move of diplomacy.

The Syrians claim they are working on an even larger Syrian flag. Wow. Where will they put it - on land we claim they took from us?


  1. What a complete waste of money and time.

  2. They'll cover the country not because the flag will be so big, but because they've given away enough of the country!


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