Jun 15, 2008

NY Hassidic Jew arrested for impersonating OB/GYN

This news item is freaky...

Zalman Silber, a Hassidic Jew of Monsey, NY (though originally from Boro Park), was just arrested for impersonating (allegedly of course) a gynecologist and examining women who thought they were patients.

Silber previously operated the Empire State Building Skyride. His motto then, in an interview with Inc. Magazine was, "Take advantage of other people's toil. That's really what everything is about"


  1. Sir Limps-a-lotJune 15, 2008 1:10 PM

    That's funny, my proctologist looks JUST like this guy!

  2. I think the best quote from the article is, "He's a good man. When someone needed a doctor, he would arrange it."

  3. personally, i liked the part in the article where it says he:
    - was the president for the company for only about a year
    -left under an unknown agreement that he can not return to virtual entertainment for 10 years
    -has a disgraced lawyer
    -lawyer has said he makes more than 1 million dollars a year.

    yep, he's definitly innocent.

  4. I bet he wouldn't shop at Shefa Shuk or eat Aurbach chicken.

  5. I bet he wouldn't shop at Shefa Shuk or eat Aurbach chicken.

  6. rafi - omg! has comment of the week!

  7. either OMG or Sir Limps a lot

  8. Imagine if you of you accused your 'ex' (I assume you have one?) of sexual molestation of some sort.... perhaps you are a dentist so he/she tells the police that you groped a number of patients - you would be immediately arrested.....

    Imagine how everyone immediately assumes your guilt... It is spread all over the net... (complete with snide comments about what hechsher you use)

    What happened to waiting for a judge/jury to decide.....?

    Oh no - he MUST be guilty! Why? Because he is frummer than you? perhaps wears a blacker yarmulka? Perhaps has a lot more money than you... Perhaps gives up day and night to look after transplant and other patients flown over from Israel....

    Nah! - That proves he must be guilty!

    Shame on all of you!

  9. winsford - according to Dictionary.com, the word allegedly, which I used in the post, means "according to what is or has been alleged", and "alleged" means 1. declared or stated to be as described; asserted: The alleged murderer could not be located for questioning.
    2. doubtful; suspect; supposed: The alleged cure-all produced no results when it was tested by reputable doctors.

  10. Winsford-

    Whether guilty or not I bet he still wouldn't shop at Shefa or eat Aurbach.

    "V'hissim n'kiim"...we must all be careful of our public behavior

  11. Momma Always Wanted Me to be a DoctorJune 16, 2008 9:12 PM

    If he is guilty he should be arrested for impersonating a Hassidic Jew

  12. I’ve heard something very different about this story that turns the whole story on its head. Apparently Zalman Silber’s ex-wife had for some years been threatening to make trouble for him if he didn’t give her more money.

    About 7 years ago one of his companies was involved in testing a scheme to provide cheap life insurance which involved having only a blood pressure check instead of a full medical exam. It involved an employee (not Zalman Silber) taking the blood pressure of 150 people (who signed consent forms).

    He had sold a business for several million dollars and his ex-wife through a friend who knew some of the participants in the life insurance testing scheme, suggested to them that there was money to be made by alleging that they were abused during their participation. What is being referred to really involves the employee that took the participants blood pressure.

    Zalman Silber has never claimed to be a gynaecologist, but is a qualified medic. However since this doesn’t involve him but his employee, why didn’t he tell the police that this was a case of mistaken identity? It seems among Hassidic Jews they are not allowed to ‘tell’ on each other. So that when his ex-wife called the cops he has kept quiet and not said anything. Apparently he also wouldn’t tell on his ex-wife for similar reasons. So far from being a villainous pervert he may actually be a saint. Meanwhile what will happen to the guy that actually took the blood pressure or did the examinations? The women who were claiming he pretended to be a gynaecologist didn’t recognise Zalman Silber in a line-up - the question is would they chose the employee in a similar line-up and would the fact that his ex-wife is the informant not make the police suspicious of her motivation?

    Knowing that he is a wealthy man may tempt other participants to try and make a fast buck by claiming that they were sexually abused whilst their blood pressure was being taken.

  13. Jacqui - that is a very interesting story and supposition. But it sounds like a whole different case. Posing as a gynecologist and molesting while taking blood are two different things.

    And funny he should be accused of such similar stories twice....

  14. Sir Limps-a-lotJune 17, 2008 12:25 PM

    On second thought, I don't think this guy is my proctologist. He's a New Yorker. My doctor has a heavy German accent and is named Looxin Poopenshaft.

  15. I believe that if you are accused of something publicly, and you are run in the headlines and everyone hears about it, only something like that can be ordained from Heaven, and you are either:
    1 - guilty of the crime.
    2 - guilty of a different crime.
    3 - being given a very holy test that only you can pass.

    That is my belief. Either way, remind not to buy health insurance from this guy.


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