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Jun 18, 2008

The Na Nach Swipe tutorial (video)

How can you not love this guy???

(HatTip: Eliyahu)


  1. Is he actually serious or just joking?
    anyways, yes, he is very likable :-)


  2. Without realizing it I was practicing along with him. This dude has hypnotic powers!

  3. is that Che, in the poster behinnd this shell of a person whose mind is surely toasted from too much acid, mary jane and maybe some shrooms? oh and that quasi kabbalah poster that the kabbalah center in LA sells.
    Man these type of guys give real Breslovers a bad name

  4. Thanks for posting this. Brought a huge smile to my day.

  5. The picture is a picture of Saba Israel when he was Young, Not a goy, sorry you can't tell the differance. And sadly enough that you think that anyone having fun is on bad drugs. That poster was draw be me and it is from the teachings of the Holy Rabbi Itzach Luria (The Ari zal) and is not sold by the so called "Kabbalah" center. Na Nach is Real Breslov for anyone that Loves the Holy Tzadik and his name.

  6. yes, serious and yes joking. "The Redemption will come about through holy laughter" Says Rebbi Nachman.

  7. It Is a blessing to love me! Thank You Na Nach!

  8. are you really saba-noon the star of the show? thanks for stopping in and saying hi. I thought the vide was great and really enjoyed it!


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