Jun 18, 2008

Summer must be coming...

Summer is coming and that means a new committee has been formed to protect us from the dangers of the world...

The following clipping was run on the front page of the Yated Neeman.

It describes how when people go to hotels, even under Haredi ownership and with mehudar kashrus, there are tamei appliances (TV and Internet) and other stumbling blocks that can very quickly bring parents, and for sure kids, to fall spiritually, and many already have, and then they wonder why one of their kids went off the derech. blah blah blah,

We have therefore formed a new vaad - the Committee for Gaurding the Charachter of the Jewish Nation and thank the avreichim who have agreed to be on this committee. They will approach the various hotels to fix these problems. As well, they will approach the various organizations that arrange groups that they should agree to only go to places that accept upon themselves our rules of tznius. blah blah blah, signed by Rabbis Elyashiv and Wosner.

They should just assur going away at all for vacations. It will be much easier, and as many people will listen, as doing this....


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  2. Though it seems harsh to make a general issur, I can see their point.
    We recently stayed in a hotel and the kids glued themselves to the tv at every opportunity.
    Though we told them to stay on the kids channel - it wasn't always appropriate. The ads and ideas were really not what we wanted them exposed to.
    Remember that these kids are over- sensitive to scantily clad teenage girls etc - they don't see them much in their neighbourhood.

    Will it be enough to send them 'off the derech'? I would hope that their chinuch from home would be strong enough to cope.

    Remember if you really don't like it you can remove the plug!!! (or ask the hotel to take it out of the room)
    BUT - make sure you take it out of your own room as well as the kids... that's what the kids will really remember.

  3. Notice the difference between the approache of the Litvishe and the Edah Hacharedis. The Edah just forbids, without really offering an alternative. The Yated announcement recognizes a problem (in their mind) and looks for a solution. I think this very much characterizes the difference between the Edah and everyone else.

  4. Mordechai Y. ScherJune 19, 2008 6:55 AM

    They should be telling the lame parents to be parents!

    TV in the room? Unplug it. Better yet, ask the hotel to remove it during your stay.

    Kids glued to TV? Tell them, "no TV. This isn't why we came here. Go outside and play, or read a book. I don't care if there is a TV in the room, it is your job not too watch it." Teach the kids choices and responsibility.

    RW already mentioned these things, but it apparently bears repeating. The PARENTS are responsible for their children.

    BTW, I disagree that the parents have to remove their TV as well. Children need to know that adults and children aren't the same. The parents can truthfully say "we're not watching it." If anything, kids need an example that when they step outside the home or neighbourhood, they must make choices and be firm. Rav Meir Kahane hy'd had a great piece about how education for kehusha begins, and the kid at the doubleheader not buying the stadium food, but I digress...

    I see the same stuff in the ER. "Oh, he doesn't like to take medicine." "Oh, he insists on riding without a helmet." Blah, blah, blah. You're the PARENT; he's the CHILD. BE A PARENT, and enforce what needs to be!

    The committees should simply concentrate on teaching parents to shoulder responsibility consistently, rather than this other tedious nonsense they waste their time on.

    Hinuch begins-and ends-at home!


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