Jun 29, 2008

Survey Shocker: Most important Israelis ever

The British Jewish newspaper "Totally Jewish" ran a survey to discover who people thought were the most important Israelis. Which Israelis have made the greatest impact on our lives.

The results are, for the most part, pretty basic and expected. there was one surprising placement in the top ten, that is probably impossible to understand.

The top ten of the list is filled with people one would expect to see in such a list. Statesmen, founders of Israel, Prime Ministers, great thinkers and the like. One might debate the specific positioning of each person, but for the most part very important people were included in the list.

David Ben-Gurion still is considered the most important, as he weighs in in first place. Second place is filled by Yitzchak Rabin.

Third place is the real shocker with it being filled by transvestite pop singer Dana International. While s/he won the Eurovision contest in 1998, I find it difficult to place her/him above people like Menachem Begin who signed a peace deal with Egypt or before Chaim Weizman who was President of Israel, or Golda Meir who was the first female PM (if you could call her female, as she was more of a man than most of Israel's prime ministers).


  1. The correct term is "she," as Dana is a transsexual and not a transvestite.

  2. The correct term is "he". He remains he.

    And these online polls aren't scientific anyway.

    Thank G-d


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