Jun 24, 2008

Egged is assur...again

The following pashkevil was distributed around much of BS/RBS last night. It is an old flyer that has now been rehashed. I guess the issues never change, as they have all these old flyers they just keep re-using....

It is prohibited to use Egged bus services because we have, in BS, mehadrin buses [RG: aren't the mehadrin buses run by Egged?]. By using Egged, one is actively harming the kosher bus services. one who puts efforts and prayers towards the success of the kosher lines is mezake the rabbim, etc...
Signed by Ravs Kopshitz and Rottenberg


  1. Such insanity. Are people actually abiding by all these ridiculous restrictions?

  2. Not my rabbi and I didn't ask and if I go to RBS or BS, I'll davka go egged.

  3. I have no idea why they bother and waste their money with these signs and flyers. the only people who listen are those who would do it anyway.. in BS that is the kannoi community for the most part with maybe a little spillover

  4. This is another nail in the coffin for Rabbi Kopshitz, the first being the picture of him encouraging one of the charedi hooligans and telling him to press on with the vandalism and violence.

    When are we going to wake up and state clearly that Rabbi Kopshitz is a persona non grata?

  5. Fill me in here (I am still in galut) - what is the difference between Egged and Mehadrin lines? Is it that egged has men and women on the buses? That red is part of their color scheme? That their drivers are Zionistic?

  6. Great! More room for me.

  7. They are mamash strangeling Yiddishkeit. One pashkivlle/kol koreh at a time. Are they so blind that they don't see that the oilam is becoming imune to these?

  8. Am I the only one who is happy?
    Shopping at Shefa Shuk has been so much easier of late (less lines!). Does this mean that now I will be guaranteed a seat on the bus?

  9. I hereby ban Kopshitz (not Egged).

    Hashomer Nafsho Yirchak Mimenu.

    -The REAL Mora D'atra

  10. chaya tova -
    im with you. keep going and continuosly happy at how open the lines are. i always preferred shopping at shefa shuk with the "jews" rather than at aleph with the pigeons.

    not to say people who shop at aleph aren't jews... but there are pigeons and thats just disgusting.

  11. Besides the religious and grouping of those who post such signs (BTW, a post run costs NIS 1500 for small signs, NIS 2000 for big ones, and NIS 3000 for absolute plastering full wall coverage), it seems these people never actually get outside their own neighborhood, because...

    There are NO kosher bus services in Ramat Bet Shemesh Alef. There are two kosher lines run by Eged, 1 goes to Bnei Brak and one to Jerusalem. BUT, the Jerusalem line doesn't go up the hill in RBS, which is where the majority of the community lives. (The "non-kosher" one does.)

    Apparently, these RBS-Bet-niks have never actually been around RBS-Alef. Or even watched the buses pass through their own neighborhood. Or are just plain ignorant.

    What do you think of the Toldos Aharon yeshiva/bet midrash being built at the bottom of Sorek? Is there a kehila coming to follow it (that's a silly question, it's not like there's any housing available)?

  12. Akiva-
    The point is that there are non-egged kosher buses.
    I have seen them in Aleph.
    They would probably go up the hill if there was a demand.


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