Jun 19, 2008


Yitzhar is an interesting place. one could say here is no settlement in all of Israel that is located in a more dangerous location than Yitzhar, and while that statement might be debatable, there is something to it. Yitzhar sits right outside Shchem.
Yitzhar is interesting because they refuse to erect a security fence around the Yishuv. they patrol the area, but refuse a fence, because they do not want to be locked in., We own the land, and putting up a fence impies weakness.
Yitzhar is a settlement of 600 or so families. They are strong willed. they do not allow soldiers in, ever since the disengagement. They tell them they do not want to be protected by soldiers of the expulsion.

There were scuffles today in Yitzhar as the state sent the army in to remove an illegal caravan. Yitzhar residents would never take such a move sitting down, and a bunch of people and a bunch of soldiers/police have come out injured.

the people of Yitzhar out out a statement that they are not like othe rplaces, and not like Gush Katif. If even one thorn from their ground is touched to be removed, the country will burn. We will spill blod over every grain of sand. This land is ours and we have nowhere else to go.


  1. Can you post the statement?

  2. sorry - I wrote this post very quickly and ppublished it just to get it up. I was in a rush.

    Here are two links:



  3. i invited myself for shabbat to yitzhar when i was in yeshivah and they were very gracious. i stayed with the bochrim of od yesef chai in their dorms in the yishuv and got to see the kever on sunday.

    at the time a resident explained the lack of a security fence to me as such: these fences are usually built closer to the homes and not on the actual periphery of the yishuv. what ends up happening is that arabs then use yishuv land for grazing because it is not in the fence, which leads to conflicts (and the yishuv can lose their right to the land?). so they don't want a fence. or something like that.


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