Jun 23, 2008

Olmert sinks to new levels

It is amazing the levels a person will stoop to when he is in trouble. It is the 11th hour for Ehud Olmert. Tomorrow is the big vote on whether to dissolve the Knesset or not because of Olmert's corruption.

Olmert's threats have not (visibly) had any affect on Ehud Barak, and he still insists that he will support, at least in the first reading, the bill to dissolve the Knesset.

Olmert has now resorted to more political bribery, but of the lowest kind. He has announced that any Labor member who splits ranks and votes to not dissolve the Knesset will immediately be accepted in Kadima and will be made a minister. He is directly meddling in internal affairs of a different party which is generally considered taboo in Israeli politics.

He is now, after many months of telling Shas that he will not bring back the child allowances that had been cancelled a number of years ago, is telling Shas that he might be willing to do so for their support against the bill to dissolve the Knesset.

Olmert is playing with our money, taxpayer money, to extend his own job for some more time.

There has never been a prime minister, and possibly never even a criminal, as corrupt as Olmert.


  1. Its hard to blame a corrupt politician when the whole system is so corrupt - and he knows it. The only reason he is able to bribe the others in this way is bc he knows the will take him seriously and consider it as a viable option.

    The whole political system in this country is absolutely out of control and needs an upheavel. A major one. And fast.

  2. Does Kadima agree with his attempted bribes? Meaning will they accept anyone that runs from Labor in exchange for olmerts favors? I would be majorly PO'd if i dropped a few positions bc of such corruption... Unless they cant really be upset since they only got their own seat bc of similar corruption

  3. I don't think giving away taxpayer money to extend his job is worse than giving away taxpayer lives to extend his job, as he has repeatedly been doing and trying to do for the last couple years.

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