Jun 19, 2008

Play Ball! The IBL is back!

Lots of people ask me if I know anythign about the Israel Baseball League and whether they will have a second season. I do not know why people always ask me, but they do.

I had heard rumors that the second season, this year, was dead in the water and they were really working to reform the league in time for next season.

it turns out fans of the IBL have found their fortune. The IBL just announced that they will play this season as well.

The season will start at the end of July, with four teams, and have a shortened schedule of 20 games. They are mostly working toward next year, but they felt that the consistency of playing this year was important enough to put it together, even though it is in a smaller format.

Play Ball! and Go Bet Shemesh Blue Sox and win us another championship!


  1. Mordechai Y. ScherJune 19, 2008 9:03 PM

    There must be SOMETHING forbidden in this. I'm sure the appropriate committee will show up and tell us...

  2. Great news I agree. Instead of criticizing and groaning, enjoy professional baseball games this summer. Cant people just learn to appreciate and realize things are not perfect from the get go?!

  3. did you try out yet?

  4. Michael RollhausJune 20, 2008 4:28 PM

    As a part owner of the IBL last season and the GM of the Bluesox I can honestly say that nothing would be better than back to back championships.


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