Jun 24, 2008

is the cease fire over?

And in other news, it has been fairly quiet since the fragile cease fire went into effect this past week.

That is, until a few minutes ago. According to the news sources, a mortar was just shot from gaza into the Western Negev communities.

Remember what the government said when they announced the cease fire/truce? What would happen if they shot even a single rocket or mortar at us?

Think the government will keep to its threats and warnings?

It didn't after leaving Gaza or after leaving Lebanon..so why would it now?

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  1. should be workingJune 24, 2008 1:38 AM

    Enough is enough. Stop hiding behind your political posts and RBS news - Bring back the contemplations on life and your experiences. You can poll your readers if you like - but I think they would agree!


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