Aug 6, 2009

Bibi the Coward

Bibi went to the gay bar where the shooting took place the other day. He went to pay his respects.
The interesting aspect of this is that Bibi refused the press photographers to accompany him and photograph the meeting.

There are two theories why he did this:
1.The popular theory is that he was afraid of backlash from the religious parties, were images to be shown of Bibi lending support to the gay community.
2. The less popular theory is that Bibi was there to check out the bar....obviously photographers would ruin the discretion needed for such an event!

All kidding aside, if the reason he didn't allow pix is true, it is reprehensible. There is nothing wrong with the PM offering his condolences to a bereaving community, and he should not need to fear any backlash. I wonder if he asked religious reps what they thought in advance, or if he just assumed they would be upset.


  1. Or a third possibility -

    He wants to go give his condolences and not do it to get publicity. And since he is a politician, he doesn't want the appearance of publicity, but really does want the publicity. Thus no pictures, but everyone talks about it for a few days.


  2. Nah. He always goes to give condolences. It is part of being a politician and leader. And he always has publicity. I think #1 (or #2) make more sense.

  3. "he should not need to fear any backlash"- Oh, I reaaly disagree with you on this one.
    There would DEFINITELY be backlash. A picture of the Prime Minister in a gay center (it wasn't a bar, BTW)would be splashed across the front page of every religious newspaper in the country, and he would instantly lose standing in the Hareidi and SHAS communities.
    I think it's commendable that he went to pay his respects, and very smart of him not to allow photographers. Israeli politics is NOT a tolerant, feel good kind of place. If you throw them a bit of bait, they'll circle around you and eat you up.

  4. First of all, it wasn't a "gay bar" where the shooting occured, it was a youth club where teenagers and young adults could hang out that met in the basement of this organization, far from a "gay bar." Second, there are pictures of Bibi at the club, see here. That reporters weren't allowed in doesn't mean that there weren't any pictures taken.

  5. MM - the only pix I had seen were from outside the center.

    it is not smart to not allow photographers, because that makes it into a bigger deal, unless that is what he wanted, as it looks like he is hiding it.
    I am saying that he should not have been afraid, because the religious parties have no reason to be upset at this, and if they would be, it would be a good opportunity to put them in their places.

  6. Rafi,

    I have no idea who made the decision not to have photographers from the press present, but if it wasn't for security or political reasons, maybe the press is just upset because they weren't allowed to take the pictures? Would they have gotten so many better ones? Maybe those hosting Bibi didn't want the press. I'm sure in the next day or two someone will claim to have the scoop of "the real reason" why the press wasn't allowed to enter. Restricting the press is always problematic, both on principle and for pragmatic reasons.

  7. I saw a video clip from this meeting on Jerusalem Online. No great secret.


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