Aug 6, 2009

Jogging is dangerous

I didn't realize jogging was such a dangerous sport. Maybe it is time to find a safer sport for exercise....

Chief Inspector Scott Small says a 30-foot-long branch fell on the woman from 50 feet above. He says she was killed instantly.

Police say it's possible the unidentified woman didn't hear the branch breaking because she was wearing a portable music player, which was still playing when they arrived.

Last week, a Manhattan computer engineer walking to work through Central Park was hit on the head by a 100-pound rotted tree branch. His mother said over the weekend he was getting better.


  1. Jogging is OK. MP3 players are what's dangerous.

    But you can simultaneously jog and listen to your MP3 player without a worry if you've given to Kupat Ha'Ir within a Me'eit Le'eit period.

    So relax.

  2. True fact: the number one cause of bear deaths in America is from falling tree branches.

  3. Way - that would be because the bear is on the branch when it falls. not the branch falling on it


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