Jun 14, 2010

Way to go, Rami Levi

Way to go, Rami Levi.

Rami Levi owns a chain of supermarkets. He specializes in drawing in customers by offering very cheap prices, and then has sale prices that cannot be beat.

Rami Levi has had enough. It is a matter of pride. How can we continue taking this abuse from Turkey and pretending nothing has happened?

Rami Levi decided he has had enough. He has announced he is removing all products that were imported from Turkey from his shelves. And he is finding other suppliers for the goods, even if it costs slightly more.

Such a move is sure to create an uproar. Supposedly, Levi's move is going to hurt the Turks to the tune of about $93 million in lost business.

Another supermarket chain, Mega, has announced that they will follow Rami Levi's lead. They will finish the stock they have and then buy from other suppliers in the future.

Supersol is also considering following Rami Levi's lead in banning Turkish products.

Way to go. It is great to see some patriotism take precedence.


  1. woohoo! I know where I'm shopping from now on!

  2. Next Thanksgiving, I'm having chicken!

  3. When will Rami Lvi be opening up in Beit Shemesh?

  4. I emailed Rami Levi a few months ago and asked if they have any intentions to. They responded that they had such plans, but a dispute over the property caused them to be delayed.
    He told me they have plans but no specific target date.

    I recently heard from a friend of mine (who has knowledge of the supermarket industry) that both Rami Levi and Osher Ad will be opening up branches in Bet Shemesh in thr not too distant future.

  5. it is a bare bones level of self-respect/self-value - more basic than 'patriotism'

    it is about stopping to kiss up to people who make it clear they hate your guts to the point of annihilation.


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