Dec 12, 2010

The Latest YouTube Marriage Proposal (video)

I guess the latest trend in proposals is to have some friends present, and a video guy, and then to post the video of the proposal to youtube for everyone to see..

Here is Moshe proposing to Chani on a busy street in Monsey the other day..At least they didn't do it with a silly parody of the Maccabeats song..


  1. Heck, they could have saved their parents a lot of money, and he could have said "Harei At..." right then and there using the rose. There were enough friends (and irate drivers) who could have served as Eidim.

  2. oh Rafi just because it's Jewish doesn't mean it's of interest. these home movies are of very poor sound and filming quality.

  3. I like the matching scarf and skirt. Is that the new His and Hers?
    I think that our educational system is lacking (institutional and parental) if these young kids think that the "Splash" of their engagement is more important than other people's time. To disregard others in such a blatant fashion to impress your girl AND all those other people who came to watch! What an opportunity for a personal and intimate moment they missed - and at the expense of others no less!


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