May 1, 2011

Interesting Posts #262

Interesting Posts

1. The Kabbalistic Potion That Saved Qaddafi

2. A Jewish Perspective Of The Royal Wedding

3. The Learning Shabbos - I agree. The weekly periodicals, and I don't get that many of them, are so big, with so many interesting articles, it takes so much time to read. I have a different solution, in which I simply choose a couple of the articles that look most compelling and only read those, and simply skim the rest for anything exciting.

4. Goodness Around Us

5. German Mother, Jewish Son.. for Yom HaShoah

6. Winds Are His Messengers


  1. Thanks for the link. Whatever happened to the Mishpacha reviews?

  2. I wasnt seeing benefit from it, and it was basically giving them free advertising, so I am holding off for now and deciding on the value of their quarter articles


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