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Jul 9, 2007

child molester caught!

Anybody know anything about this guy? The chase for ordained orthodox Rabbi and child psychologist Alan Horowitz came to a conclusion yesterday. He had been arrested in India in May and was finally brought back to US soil yesterday. He had been convicted for 34 counts of child molestation in New York and Maryland.


  1. It's amazing how these predators place themselves in places where they can do the biggest damage. I mean pedophiles end up being camp counselors, counselors, teachers?!?!?! Your children or my (future) children can be easily their victims. Awful!
    I am disguisted to see such people, I think they should get death panelty without a trial.

  2. I used to be very pro-death penalty (I even almost tried once to go see an execution, but was talked down by family). I was told frum Jews are supposed top be against it. Only sanhedrin under very limited circumstances can give death penalty, so how can a frum Jew want the death penalty for anybody who does not meet that criteria - which is nobody today.
    I am still for it, but hesitant to tell people....

  3. Fine, but what's the alternative? Put this sicko under "theraphy"? Child molestors continue to molest children when they come out of their "theraphy" cause you can't heal this kind of sick attitude with "theraphy". Plus, our tax money is wasted on these bastards. What do you think?

  4. so I am with you. let's kill him!!

  5. Whats the halachik view ? i think there had to have been eidim...

  6. I believe he was featured on an ABC-TV documentary last year about child molesters escaping punishment. They filmed him living and walking freely on the streets of Israelin yalmika, peos, and tzitzos flying, while his victims, now adults, told stories about how their souls were damaged. It was a chillel H'Shem for religious Jews, especially your buddies who protected him all these years in Boro Park and Yerushalaim from the "goyim" in America. Their they go again!

  7. Sorry, I misspoke...errr...typed

  8. Yes!!! Lock him away for life, and do spread the news in jail that he's there.


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