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Jul 2, 2007

Picture of the Day - pre 17 Tammuz (potd)

translation: No entry for dogs or policemen, or Egged buses #'s 417 and 418.

Background: Today, the city municipality decided it was time to remove signs it deemedto be illegal. Many stores have [been pressured to] put up signs declaring the neighborhood as chareidi and people coming to shop in the neighborhood should dress accordingly...

These signs were fairly large and no store had received a license to put them up. The Irya has let it slide for some time, but recently decided to remove them. Today was that day.

In RBS A they removed the signs with only slight altercations. After about 15 minutes the whole show was over (so I am told).

In RBS B there were riots, and they have been going no into the night. The residents have been fighting with the police, and blocking the roads, and throwing bricks at cars and buses, and overturning garbage cans, etc...

the reference on the above sign to not letting Egged in is a long standing fight the residents have with Egged regarding Mehadrin buses. I never really understood that fight. First they were upset that Egged did not provide them with a mehadrin bus line. Then when Egged converted the 418 line to mehadrin, the residents were upset that Egged did provide a mehadrin line because it put the local macher running a private line out of business. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

There are lots more pictures out there, some of which can be seen here..


  1. So they were basically thrashing their own communities just like the blacks rioting in their ghetto?
    Like I always say, some people have too much free time on their hands?

  2. To sum up, since the municipality took down signs calling for tznius (in terms of dress), the reaction was one of un-tznius behavior.

    Ironic, espcially in light of the end of last week's haftarah:
    hatzne'ah lechet im elokecha - [God wants man to...] walk (i.e., act) with modesty with Him.

  3. I think they should cut RBS B out of the bus routes, at least for a while. If they don't like it, they can use the private hareidi bus lines for that area.

    That part of Nehar Hayarden should also be closed, and traffic routed around to route 10.

    Let them riot all they want; eventually they'll wear themselves out.

    It's horrible that rock-proof windows would prove useful for protecting oneself from fellow Jews.

  4. i think the riots should continue and get stronger. they should stand up for what they believe in - no matter how contradictory or knegged halacha it may be. They ought to demand the right to change their mind as to what they really want. They should get more violent and burn more of their own facilities and damage their own roads, more and more. let's see some blood and smoke and fire. I wanna see women shrieking down the street with a chareidi guy chasing her with a bat - eyes closed of course because a man cannot walk behind a women. I wanna see cars turned over and busses blown up and pictures of chareidim jumping up and down and whooping it up.

    oh yeah, and when they do, there'll be NO difference between them and the palestinians.

    am kadosh my ass!

  5. I've gotta ask how you can all take it over there, those of you who live in RBS. With all the Rabbis and goons marching, rioting, shoving kids off Lag Bomer stages etc.

    For those of us born and raised in the USA where their is respect for the rule of law, I see myself hating it over ther.

    Please tell me it's not all that bad and that your neighbor isnt looking over your shoulder to spy on you...


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