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Jul 8, 2007

Great ebay opportunity!!

This is supposedly a picture of the BMW that belonged to Rav Ovadia Yosef until last week. It is on sale on ebay. Starting bid is $110,000. I have no idea how to verify that this car really belonged to Rav Ovadia Yosef.
Drive Safely!!


  1. Why would he drive a German car?

  2. why wouldnt he? he is sfardi and does not have the same stigma against German products. Anyway, lots of people do, even people who suffered more directly. Nowadays these bans are rare..

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. ANON:

    rafi is correct. there is no stigma in the sephardi world. i went to school (in america) with a lot of syrians and many of them had german cars. also, in israel not only is there no stigma for sephardim, but owning a bmw is the highest status symbol for an ars (lehavdil with hakham ovadia yosef of course).

    finally, even among ashkenazim i think the anti-german "ban" is not so strong because of the good will engendered by all the money germany "gave" to israel. (i still remember back in the day when every taxi was a mercedes).


    "Nowadays these bans are rare"

    on the other hand i think you understimate the ban in america. with one exception, i can't imagine any of my friends ever buying a german car.

  5. I think even in America those who ban German products for the most part keep it limited to cars.

  6. A gadol hador with a luxury car? What about "pat b'melech tochel"?

    Unless if, thanks to his protégé's bungling, there's no bread, in which case that whole mishna goes out the window!

    (Note: This is a dig at Eli Yishai, not, chas v'shalom, at Rav Yosef. I'm sure if he's being driven around in an expensive car, he has made the proper shikulim.)

  7. Starting bid $110,000 - quite a deal for the Israeli market.

    The listing is no longer up, of course.

  8. no longer up!!!?? I was hoping to win it!


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