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Jul 13, 2007

The problem with the Israeli government

Remember MK Yoram Marciano? Yeah, the MK from Labor who a couple of months ago was investigated for being part of a brawl in a bar in which he punched a securioty guard while he was drunk. Yeah, that guy.

Today, Marciano was pulled over while by traffic police. What was his violation? He was shaving while driving. It seems this is punishable by a fine of up to 500 NIS and six points on the license. Instead of arguing a bit with the cops, like most people would, and then accepting the fine or getting off with a slap on the wrist, he took it personally.

Marciano called Knesset security to try to have them make the police leave him alone. He then tried to snatch the citation forms and, allegedly, fled the scene (he denies fleeing, though he later admitted to driving while shaving).

Not only that, but now Marciano has told the police, "You can't fine an MK for shaving while driving". And why not? The law does not apply to MKs?

It also turns out that Marciano has 70 traffic violations on his record. Obstructing the work of a police officer is a criminal offense.

Come on. Be a big boy. If I, or most other people, get pulled over for a traffic violation, we take what's coming. Maybe we try to make excuses and weasel out of the ticket, but nobody is going to actually fight with the cop. And anyway, what was he thinking, that he would fight with the cop about this and the story would not get out?

The Members of Knesset think they are above the law. They are the lawmakers, but those laws only need be applied to the general public, not to them. So, we have a reasonable percentage of public servants who; are involved in fraud, beating up security guards, possible rape, sexual harrassment, possible bribery, influence peddling, traffic violations, obstruction of police duties, and more.

The dismissal of the law by the people in government filters down to society. When people see the leaders acting as if the law does not apply to them, it makes it easier for other people to ignore the laws and dismiss them as irrelevant as well.

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