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Jul 10, 2007

a past-time of the past

I was going through Quicken software last night, while working on our family budget. I noticed something, that I thought was, strange.

We had an expense of purchasing books and I was trying to find a category to put it into. They had categories for "Cable TV", "Internet", Computers", and "Recreation". They did not have any category for "Books".

Doesn't anybody read books anymore? Is it all computers and tv and no more books?


  1. if you don't mind, i am tagging you. you can see the 'rules' at my blog

  2. what's a book?

  3. rafi g, just like paris hilton said, some people are too busy to read a book. rofl.
    I love books myself.

  4. Rafi,
    whats a budget ? lol ahh gotta love being 22... I have bills yeah but not many bh.

    I spend ALOT on books.. at least 250 shekel a month of seforim.. the rest I buy at va sefel or buy from half.com and have brought here.. i'll lend you if you wanty

  5. That certainly explains a lot doesn't it?

    I think if I were to actually do a budget, my book expenses would exceed the first 3 categories combined!

  6. rebel - paris said that?

    elchonon - I am trying to figure it out .. I will borrow all your books. Do I have to come to hebron to get them?

    miz - that's what I found out last night as well...

  7. Yes, this is what she said when they asked her what her favorite books are. She said she is too busy to read books. rofl.

  8. Rafi,
    I guess you do.. Unless you vcan browse my books online which I am trying to do on facebook.

    Coming to chevron is not THAT bad ;)

    I must have about 300 books that are not seforim.

  9. could be under 'recreation' or 'education' or even 'internet' because of course you order you books online...

  10. sarah - hmmmmm... could be. good explanation!

    elchonon - next time I swing by chevron I will stop by...

  11. Thats not true sarah, nothing is as fun as going into a used book store and browsing around and buying a few books..

    I am usualy scared to pay more than 10$ for a book i'm not 100% sure I want to read.. I have spent way too much on books I didnt end up reading.. I rather pay a buck or 2 and if I read it great!


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