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Jul 11, 2007

watch Israel Baseball game

The Israel Baseball League had the recent game between the Bet Shemesh Blue Sox and the Tel Aviv Lightning broadcast on Arutz 5 Sport. They have uploaded the broadcast to their website and you can watch that game (not live obviously). It is, so far, the only game that has been broadcast after opening day.
Go to the site and click on the left side where the link says July 8th: Bet Shemesh vs. Tel Aviv


  1. The best thing is seeing the games in hebrew on ch 5 sunday nites

    That is coolest to see the games accompanied by faster paced hebrew

  2. Never mind earlier comment
    I at first thought the link was to ibl website which on english version of site has game in english

  3. I did not check the hebrew version of the site. do they have the game in hebrew there?


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