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Jul 26, 2007

impressions from travelling

Two biggies right away...

1. No Birkat Kohanim. In Israel the kohanim do birkat kohanim every day. In chutz la'aretz, only on the holidays (aside from sefardim who do it every day)..

2, realizing how great daf yomi really is. For someone who is travelling, it would be hard to keep to his learning schedule. He does not have his chavrusa, his regular shiur, he might be tired, distracted, etc.. With daf yomi, none of the matters. Wherever you go you just join a local shiur and pick up from where you left off...


  1. I heard some people study Daf Yomi through their Blackberry while travelling.

  2. go to a sfardi shul. They have duchening every day.
    That's what I do when I'm there.

  3. but the sfardi shuls daven at a slower pace, and that is not good for me...

  4. Yes, we're slower, but we've got breakfast. Come by one day.
    There's no guarantee of there being a Kohen, though.


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