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Jul 19, 2007

Only in Israel

Are you familiar with those signs on the backs of trucks and delivery vans that say "How am I driving? Call now at 123-4567"?

Well, here is a new variation of that sign....

For the Hebrew challenged among us, it says, "How am I behaving? Call now at 050-767204 (this must be an old picture because about 2 years ago Israel changed over the cellular system to use 10-digit phone numbers..)


  1. Funny! I got T-shirts for myself and my girls that says 'stop baseless hatred, let's rebuild the beit haMikdash' But was too shy to ever wear it in public. LOL

    Anyways, I don't think in the frum community people wear shirts with messages on them.

  2. Rafi, that's so cute

    Miriam, I like yours too, but mine whould be like 'we can each make a difference'

  3. Hahaha! Very creative. Do you suppose I could get MrEllie to wear one? ;-)

  4. Miriam - cute idea. The only acceptable messages are like "Nike" or stuff like that...

    s - also a good t-shirt...

    miz - you could try but it does not sound like he would...

    sarah - thanks

  5. don't show leslie, she'll make me wear one!!!!


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