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Jul 8, 2007

This man sleeps soundly

Mr. Mikhail Kalashnikov is the inventor of the "popular among terrorists" machine gun - the AK-47, a.k.a the Kalshnikov (named after Mr. Kalashnikov).

According to an interview he gave to CBC News, Mr. Kalashnikov sleeps soundly. He blames the fact that his invention has killed so many thousands of people on the politicians who cannot agree on peaceful resolutions to their problems.

According to AK-47 lore, Kalashnikov conceived of the design while laying wounded in a hospital ward near the end of the Second World War. He drafted plans in a child's notebook to make a lightweight gun that was also powerful and simple to fire.

Kalashnikov acknowledged that seeing his creation in the hands of criminals and gangsters around the world saddens him, but he said he originally concocted the AK-47 to support a worthy cause.

Hey - at least he sleeps soundly.


  1. That it to say,"Guns don't kill, people do."

    The AK-47 is amazing in that it doesn't jam. Israel's Galil rifle is just a lower caliber copy of the AK-47. The M-16 is lighter thant the Galil, but jams a lot when used in sandy areas.

  2. Actually, I believe that the Galil is a version of the M-16 which won't jam in the sand.

    Also, it's interesting to note that General Kalashnikov (or whatever title he uses) came out last year with his own brand of vodka.

    Alcohol doesn't kill brain cells, people do!

    A real humanitarian, that Kalashnikov!

  3. sorry rafi - i agree with kalishnakov. it's how it's used, not who uses it.

    The USA is one of the worlds largest arms dealers, depending on which side they think is the one to support. That's not his fault. almost everything invented/discovered can be used for good or evil, it's people that have the choice in how to use it.

  4. I am not saying he is to blame for all those deaths.. every gun manufacturer would be just as much to blame (though the ak47 i spretty popular with terrorists). But if I made a gun that was used like the ak-47 I think I would be disturbed by the wanton murder I facilitated...

  5. big talker you pet eater!!!!!

    well, it's said about alfred nobel that he regretted "inventing" dynamite.

  6. Shaya,

    That's where the whole Nobel prize came about. He was so distraught that his invention was used for "evil" purposes, he did sosomething to try to metaken the world

  7. Reb Lazer - thanks for coming in and taking the time to comment. That is an interesting approach.. is it true or just a supposition?


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