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Jul 13, 2007

didn't you ever want to do this?

I remember in yeshiva there was always a legend of this having happened. Did it ever actually happen? I do not know. You will find lots of people who will say there classmate did it, but I think it might be a bit of an urban legend.

We used to get fines in yeshiva for infractions. if we came late too many times to davening, it would be a $5 fine. if late to learning seder, maybe a $7 fine. Going to sleep past curfew was worth $10.(I made those numbers up, I do not really remember the real amounts).

So legend always had it that there was a guy who was fined often for various infractions, and his fines were building up to a significant amount. he got fined once for something he thought he did not deserve (he probably was not given the benefit of the doubt after so many infractions) that when he went to pay his fine, he paid it in pennies, greatly annoying the Rebbe.

Is the above story true? I do not know. I always believed it, but as I got older I got more skeptical about it...

Well, now the story happened. In real life. In living color..

Some students were getting upset at the long, slow lines in Mc Donalds, and the low quality food served there (they could have just gone to a different restaurant, but I guess there reaction was more interesting!).

They decided to get revenge. Eventually the project just became a way of fighting off the boredom. They decided they would collect enough 5 and 10 agura coins (1.5 to 2 cents) to buy about 600 shekels (about $150) worth of food.

It took some time but they did it. They went in to Mickey Dees and ordered 600 NIS worth of food. When the cashier rang it up, they called in their friends with the bags of coins and they dumped out all the coins on the counter. The branch had to have some of the other employees help count the change, messing up the whole branch for the rest of the day.


  1. rafi - I did so much other stuff (not learning) in yeshiva, i didn't have time to think of this one... it's a good one.

  2. we tried that to pay our mayim and bezeq bill, and they didnt except it :( i guess 2 many ppl tried it already.

  3. Here if you try to do that, they make you put the pennies in rolls first. Takes all the fun right out of it. Not that I would know first hand or anything....;-)

  4. I actually did it once, but on a small scale.
    I was forced to take a course in English in college, even though I'm a native English speaker. (My Israeli spouse at a different institute got an exempt after taking a test).
    To make more chutzpah - They forced us to buy the textbook put out by the head of the English department.
    You got it right - I payed in single coins...

  5. anon - that's funny!

    mizellie - not only does that take the fun out of it, but it puts the work on you...

  6. Try a trick like that (more than 6000 coins!) in Detroit, and you'll get shot...

  7. Try a trick like that (more than 6000 coins!) in Detroit, and you'll get shot..


    Everyone knows that getting shot is a prerequisite of living in Detroit. ;)


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