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Jul 17, 2007

"not good enough" "unacceptable"

The PA leadership has responded to Ehud Olmert's goodwill gesture by saying it is "not good enough" and "unacceptable" and that Israel ignored the criteria set by the "PA Ministry of Prisoners".

I am not sure what was not good enough, and how the PA can even have criteria for a free gift.

This was a goodwill gesture taken by Israel in an effort to prop up the failing government in the PA led by Mahmoud Abbas. It is not good enough? Were they offering something in return? Gilad Shalit's freedom perhaps? Maybe no more rockets on Sderot, in exchange for 256 prisoners freedom and another 158 given amnesty?

They were giving nothing and getting a free present. But the present is not good enough.

The real problem is that Olmert still thinks he is making goodwill gestures when he does these things. The PA just says these moves are worthless. Olmert likes to ignore reality.


  1. Yeah. Because giving something for nothing has always been such a wise tactic throughout history. *rolls eyes*


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