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Jul 10, 2007

protocol of the "sign meeting"

Following is the official protocol from the meeting in the Bet Shemesh Municpality regrading the removal of the signs under discussion.

My translation:
June 11, 2007
Present: it lists the names of the various city councilman present and the various "adminstratzia" such as spokesperson, chairman, Legal council, etc. The meeting was chaired by Rav Yitzchak Alon, city councilman, who is responsible for business registration.

To this meeting all the city councilpeople were invited to discuss policy regarding hanging of signs usinfg the facing of homes and businesses. There is currently a request from the residents of Nahal Nitzanim street to approve the signs that are hanging in the adjacent shopping area.

After discussion, the following decisions have been arrived at unanimously:
  1. We see great importance the need to improve the public order and aesthetic appearance of the buildings and the business zone. Walls cannot be turned into message boards.
  2. Therefore, signs will not be permitted to be hung nor messages on walls of houses or stores (aside from store signs that have been requested for them permits via the city engineer - as it accustomed currently)
  3. A committee will be formed that will formulate rules and criteria for signage. The committee will also decide regarding specific requests that will be transferred from the supervisors office that have specific issues.
  4. In the current situation under discussion we recommend as an exception to approve two signs with the following conditions:
    • The two signs will be a reasonable size and located in a place that will be coordinated with the city engineer
    • the placement of the signs will be done in agreement with the property owners that approve/request the hanging of the signs on shared property.
    • So as to avoid damage to the sensitivities of the public, it was decided the text of the signs should be: "You are requested to come dressed in appropriate dress that does not harm the sensitivities of the local residents". Any change to the text of the signs must be via an approval of the committee that will be established.
    • Hanging of signs will require payment of a licensing fee, as is the law.
5. We call on all involved to remain patient and respectful and decry any use of and form of violence.

1 comment:

  1. now rafi, why do you have to go around promoting sinas chinam by providing proof of such an agreement. you must have a different girsah. there's no way the groups could agree! why do you try to add fuel to the fire by distorting it with facts? Those that defend the kannois - I prefer the term animal behavior - do not care about such agreements.

    moshe rabbeinu looks at dasan and just for raising his hand says " rasha, lama sake es rayecha". what are these peoples excuse. don't you think moshe knew that dasan could justify what he was doing as kannois? everyone is quick to use pinchas as an example, but they forget about moshes lesson.


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