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Jul 22, 2007

IBL baseball cards

Just when you thought the world was coming to an end, as baseball came to Israel, the next piece of news should surely be harbinger of the Messiah.

The Israel Baseball League in coordination with Jewish Major Leaguers are now printing baseball cards for the inaugural season of the Israel Baseball league.

Remember flipping Topps cards of Andre Dawson, Ryne Sandberg, Dale Murphy (I have cousins in Atlanta), Jody Davis, Leon Durham and the like (just some of the players I randomly remember growing up watching)?

Now you can flip, trade or just collect cards with players answering to names like Aryeh Rosenbaum, Jeff Mor, Aaron Levin, Rafi Stern, and the like...


  1. Now we can import another tradition - I'll have my wife throw out my kids' IBL baseball card collection, and in 40 years, they can whine about how they'd all be zillionaires had she kept them!

  2. zillionaires? that's pushing it a bit, isn't it? lol :-)

  3. do they have cards in israel for the "standard" sports?

  4. not that I am aware of. But I might be wrong. Also, these cards will not be printed for all players. Just a group of them (I think 18) who had an immediate impact on the new league

  5. There are trading cards now? Then that makes it official. Baseball has truly arrived in Israel!

    However, I think I will hold off on starting my collection until the first Rafi G card makes its appearance....

  6. you will be waiting a long time!!


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