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Jul 17, 2007

Nahal Haredi (video)

This is a new video of the Nahal Haredi in the news.....


  1. very interesting!

  2. great but I feel that they should have added that ALOT of the nachal charedi soldiers are chabadnikim with a good majority american chabadnikim..

    I personaly know over 50 chabadnikim that served in nachal charedi.

    My current roomate (not chabad) was a combat sergant in nachal chareidi but now is in officer school to get Lt. then Captian.

  3. Reminds me of Hamas

    allah u akbar

  4. There is hope! maybe this is what is needed to save the chareidi world. When these guys go back to civilian life, the will create a new type of Israeli jew, one who holds on to his chareid haskafa, but is well integrated into Israeli society. In the long term this can create a major shift not only in the chareidi workd, but in the secular worlds preception of chareidim. Imagine the kiddush hashem tha can come from hundreds of such jews, joining the workforce, and showing chilonim what a frum jew really is.

  5. anchorite - that is large part of the point of the whole arrangement... another good thing is that these kids will have futures and not always be worried that the army is looking for them, that they cant do anything because nobody let them go to the army, etc....

  6. My son Zachary Rowen Taylor was in this unit and is re enlisting. He is a chabadnikim. This is a great unit and deserves a lot of respect. These men fight because they want to protect Jews and citizens, not because they have to. Bravo to all the Nachal Soldiers from a very Proud Mom!
    Allyson Rowen Taylor

  7. allysin - good for you. Kol Hakavod! These boys do great work.
    I have one cousin who just finsihed his service, most of it wioth Nahal Haredi and another from the US that is now volunteering with NH (neither of these cousins are chabad). They do great work.

  8. one of my closest friends is in the Nachal Charedi and since he is a big American, he carries a MAG, huge machine gun.

    Go KB!

  9. an interesting video to watch, especially after reading about the increasing rates of draft evasion among secular.

    however, i do remember seeing stats that indicate that nahal haredi is a misnomer. many (the majority?) of nahal haredi recruits are not actually classic haredim.

    as far as the haredi component itelf, is there any breakdown available (e.g., misnagdim vs. hassidim, which yeshivot they come from , etc.).

  10. on nahal haredi as a misnomer, see http://www.fresh.co.il/vBulletin/showthread.php?t=79827

  11. Ari - thanks. I will look at the link. I do know, while I do not know actual numbers, that a number of the recruits are kipa sruga kids who want a more frum environment than in the normal army units. There are also some of the more hippy, carlebachy, kahane type, settler type kids who also look for a more frum environment. But I think the core is haredi kids.

  12. i am chabadnik living in toronto and plan on enlisting


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